ICAT Leadership

Michael M. Ferber, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Ferber has 24 years of technology, process-effectiveness and change management experience. Prior to joining ICAT, Mr. Ferber served as the Senior Vice-President of Change Management for Lehman Brothers Mortgage division in Denver. Mr. Ferber’s responsibilities included the effective delivery of the company’s substantial technology and process improvement investments. Prior to Lehman Brothers, Mr. Ferber spent five years with GMAC leading Mortgage Operation’s technology, strategic planning and delivery divisions. Mr. Ferber spent seven years with Ernst & Young as well as technology start-up companies.

As CIO for ICAT, Mr. Ferber’s role is a business position, with technology focus. Mr. Ferber is responsible for leading ICAT’s Technology Department, including, customer service, strategic planning and technology capability delivery. Mr. Ferber is responsible for enabling ICAT to effectively design, build and operate the intricate technology platforms which make ICAT effective today, and will propel ICAT forward in the future.

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