Eligibility Guidelines

  • Frame construction, including frame with stucco or with less than 1/3 masonry veneer
  • Reinforced masonry, reinforced concrete, or metal/steel frame
    • Modular or mobile homes and unreinforced masonry are ineligible
  • Concrete slab, basement, caisson or solid perimeter foundation
    • Dwellings built on wooden stilts or with pier foundation are ineligible
  • Both unretrofitted and retrofitted homes are eligible
    • Dwellings that have proper anchor bolting to the foundation and, if applicable, cripple wall bracing will qualify for lower Seismic Retrofitting Factors
  • Residence types must be 1-4 family dwellings under a single, common ownership
  • Three or fewer levels in height, including basements
  • Dwelling must be built in 1900 or later
    • Dwellings on the National Register of Historic Places are ineligible
  • Built on flat ground or slope less than 30 degrees
  • Property inspections will be conducted to verify risk eligibility

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