ICAT Earthquake Homeowner Insurance

Through more affordable, flexible and complete residential earthquake insurance, ICAT aims to make peace of mind available for more families. Homeowners can select individual limits for their primary residence, personal property and living expenses, to ensure that they can live comfortably and rebuild after a loss.

ICAT Earthquake Homeowner insurance offers tremendous advantages compared to other options.

  • Greater Affordability—Precise location and seismological based pricing helps ensure that homeowners don't overpay for coverage. While some high-end homes are priced based on risk conditions at the property's location, ICAT uses our experience in modeling commercial properties to make this pricing available to residences at all levels. This sophisticated pricing model saves many homeowners money.
  • Lower Deductibles—Other providers offer only a 15% deductible, while ICAT customers can select deductibles from 2% to 25%. This gives homeowners greater control over the cost of their coverage.
  • Complete, Flexible Coverage—Instead of the single-limit and low-limit coverage offered by some providers, ICAT Earthquake Homeowner insurance offers separate limits and deductibles for each line of coverage. Enhanced coverage for items such as pools and valuables are also available.
  • Streamlined Quoting—Our underwriting team has worked hard to make the ICAT online quoting system the simplest in the industry, allowing you to quote business quickly and easily.
  • Multiple Payment Options—Payment can be made online, by credit card or by mail, for even greater convenience.
  • Superior Service—Our sales, service, and claims representatives are recognized for providing a superior experience for policyholders and brokers.
  • Dedicated Claims Management—All claims are handled by our experienced sister company, Boulder Claims, to ensure fast, accurate payment in the event of a loss.

Share your questions and concerns with an ICAT Earthquake Homeowner sales team member and get the facts before you make a decision. Contact us to find a broker near you.

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